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[at-l] Barlow's Boots

Hi -
New to the list (have lurked for a while! [but really want to de-lurk!!]),
but now have info to answer a question.  In the Sept/Oct issue of the
Adirondack Mountain Club magazine, "Adirondac" there is an article about Gary
Barlow and his boot shop.  His address as in the article:  The Cobbler's
Shop, 137 Lenox Ave., Oneida, NY  zip?  phone 315-363-6353.  I heard,
2,3,4th? hand though, that he will be moving to Glens Falls, NY at some time.

In return - a question or two
When is a thru-hiker a thru-hiker?  In the dreaming, planning, catch your
breath and put down that first boot print in the trail, or when he/she is
truly through stage?  

Next year I plan to start with the rest of the horses (oops - hikers) from
the starting gate in GA and have some company.  This year plans are to hike
from PA to ME from May to Sept(?).  Will anyone else be around there then.  I
know I'll have lots of the true thru folks pass me up - hopefully a little
later that earlier - please wave as you go by.  But I'm "hiking my hike" -
with my knees (old and creaky), my pace(slow to slower), etc.  You folks have
been great to read, and I'd like to meet ya all sometime.

Hi to the other Marthas on the list...  

Thanks, Marty
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