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[at-l] unlurk, delurk, retro-lurk, lurkless, unlurkified ...

 I'm matt, and unbeknownst to anybody who didn't know, I've been reading
the list on the sly. But no more! I stopped by the list gathering in
harper's ferry a few weeks ago but was struck by mootness, or muteness,
possibly both. Figured I should pop my head out of the sand sometime
before hitting the trail and say hello; Avoid that uncomfortable meeting
on the trail where I think I know you, but you think I'm just a freak. Or
something. I also have a couple questions. Believe it or not, I spent
several days composing this first post, don't know why I was so
apprehensive, but I've chucked it all and decided i'd probably be better
off winging it.

 I'm planning to start a thru hike on March 16th. Actually, that is, I'm
planning to fly down to Atlanta from NJ on the 16th, it might be another
day before I get to the trailhead. If there's anyone passing nearby with
room in the car I'd be happy to split gas/driving, just drop me a note.

 I'm a novice hiker, but I've been trying to get in reasonable shape.
Hiking at night in the neighborhood park is nice, but I look forward to
walking around with something other than streetlamps. I'm not a gear head,
been trying to carry a minimum amount of junk to make life easy on me. I
realize this is a free for all question, but if someone would be kind
enough to evaluate my list-of-stuff I'd really appreciate it. Naturally I
want to avoid carrying anything unnecessary while still having what I need
to avoid premature death. On the floor around me I've got:
 REI Wonderland Pack
 North Face big cat 20 degree bag (I'm 6'4". 240lbs)
 Sierra designs clip flashlight w/footprint
 Ridgerest 3/4 pad
 MSR whisperlight stove (+repair kit)
 33oz fuel bottle (I'm thinking I should make this smaller...)
 Sierra Cup
 Raichle Boots (a bit too heavy, but I had them and they're good boots)
 Pur Hiker filter (I should get an extra filter, right?)
 Mag Light mini-mag light w/extra bulb
 20 feet of nylon rope (don't know the test wt. anymore, but it can
                        hold me with pack okay)
 Two light weight nestled pots with handle clip
				(not sure the volume, but I can cook my
				liptons fine in them. Could I get by with 
                                just the larger outer pot? I think it
				would make cleanup hard without it)
 Single set of cheap plastic fork, knife, spoon (REI permaware)
 Swiss army knife (the one with the mini blow torch and electron
		  microscope. I'm thinking of leaving this one behind
		  and just taking:
 Small single blade knife. Weights about as much as 2 quarters. (Does
			actually use all those swiss army knife doodads?)
 Bunch of ziplock bags

 toothbrush/paste/soap/minimal firstaid (bandaids, neosporin, tylenol,
		vitamins), TP, 

 camera (going to swipe my sister's cheapie)

Clothing: (this part's on more shakey ground)
  3x Thorlo 'Lt. Trekking Crew' socks. (These are great, when I stopped
				walking in tube socks and started with 
				these my feet actually kissed me.   Eww).
  4x wigwam 'wonderwick' polypropylene (who's got an ascii chemical
				structure, huh? I dare you ...) sock
				liners. These seem kinda fragile. Do I
				need more?
  2x Polarmax medium weight long underwear. I've been wearing these under
			sweat-shorts for my evening wanderings, and
			they're comfortable in the relative cold (20-30
			degrees). I got 2 because I can imagine the huge 
			rip that'll form the first time I fall down.

  Polarmax medium weight long sleeve top (cozy).

  2 pair of sweat shorts

  x number of tee shirts (three probably, I'm thinking).

 pants (I'm at a loss here, well, that is, I have pants, but I don't know
       what kind to bring. There must be something better than sweat
       pants. They have to be some kind of irrational faux pas, but I
       don't know... polypropylene pants?)

 synthetic fleece jacket (mebe also polypropylene? I haven't found a good
			option here yet).

 rain jacket w/hood

 3 bandannas

 1 wide brim forest colored scrunchable hat.

Misc junk:
  sketchbook, pen, blue crayon (I like blue). 

  couple of things I'm embarassed to mention.
 Am I reasonably reasonable or an accident waiting to happen?
 I think I've babbled enough for tonight. Time to go for a walk. Thanks,
and nice to be out in the open.

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