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Re: [at-l] unlurk, delurk, retro-lurk, lurkless, unlurkified ...

>  I stopped by the list gathering in
> harper's ferry a few weeks ago but was struck by mootness, or muteness,
> possibly both. 

Hi! I was the crazy purple-haired girl in Harpers Ferry. :)

> Believe it or not, I spent
> several days composing this first post, don't know why I was so
> apprehensive, but I've chucked it all and decided i'd probably be better
> off winging it.

Winging it is fun! I do it all the time. 
>  33oz fuel bottle (I'm thinking I should make this smaller...)

The 33 oz. bottle is heavy - especially when full. Try a 22 oz, or if
you want to live on the edge an 11 oz. bottle. :)

>  Sierra Cup

Cup? What for? Just get a Nalgene bottle and use that. They much
handier, the hold more, and they're cool. These are standard issue. Get
one, heck get two!

>  Pur Hiker filter (I should get an extra filter, right?)

I'd send the extra filter ahead in a maildrop instead of carrying it
with you.

>  Two light weight nestled pots with handle clip
> not sure the volume, but I can cook my
>liptons fine in them. Could I get by with
>just the larger outer pot? I think it
> would make cleanup hard without it)

I think I'm only bringing a larger pot with lid. I'm going to get a SIGG
set that is large enough to put my MSR inside. 

>  Single set of cheap plastic fork, knife, spoon (REI permaware)

Lose the knife. Possibly the fork too.

>  Swiss army knife (the one with the mini blow torch and electron
> microscope. I'm thinking of leaving this one behind
>  and just taking:
>  Small single blade knife. Weights about as much as 2 quarters. (Does actually use all those swiss army knife doodads?)

Bring one or the other. I have the baby swiss army knife (purple!) that
has a knife, scissors, tweezers, and a nail file/screwdriver combo. If
you bring the big Swiss army knife, make sure you can/will use the
components in it, or go for the lighter alternative.

>  Bunch of ziplock bags

Just don't bring a whole box worth with you.
>  camera (going to swipe my sister's cheapie)

Don't forget film!
>   2 pair of sweat shorts

Dump these for a pair of nylon or polyester shorts. You can find
soccer/running/aerobic shorts at discount stores really cheap.
>   x number of tee shirts (three probably, I'm thinking).

Cotton? Find some coolmax tees. REI and Campmor have them for under $15.
I'd go with 2 - one for hiking and one for camp.
>  pants 

I have a pair of polartec mid/exp. weight long underwear, and I'm about
to order a pair of fleece pants (campmor is having a sale RIGHT NOW!).
Over that I am getting rain pants with a side zip. I was considering
Gore-tex, but I don't know if I want to spend $100 on a pair of plastic
pants.  On an earlier suggestion, check out discount stores like
Marshalls or Ross - you can find stuff in the athletic wear department
cheap - look for full lenghth spandex or nylon bike/running pants.
Anything *without* cotton.

>  synthetic fleece jacket (mebe also polypropylene? I haven't found a good option here yet).

In addition to a expedition weight long underwear zip-neck shirt, I have
a Polartec 200 jacket, and will be ordering a Polartec 200 vest (Campmor
again!). Also just ordered a 3-layer Goretex jacket (20 oz.) and I found
a capiline-like shirt at Marshalls for $13. :)
>  3 bandannas

3 sounds excessive. I'd get one and cut it in half. Or two might be ok
if you don't want to mutilate them. 
> blue crayon (I like blue).

Just make sure it won't melt in your pack. :)
>   couple of things I'm embarassed to mention.

Tickle me elmo?

>  Am I reasonably reasonable or an accident waiting to happen?

I think with a few revisions, you're good to go. :) 
Good luck and have fun! Maybe I'll see you in the Shenandoahs - I'll be
the crazy xxxx-color-haired lady. :)

Diana ^(raven)^ * raven@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
The Appalachian Trail 1998 * Georgia -> Maine
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