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[at-l] Join ARHC Today !

Dear Mr. "Big E" or gas@aol.com,

        Your name has been sent to me by the kind folks at the at-l mailing
list.  My name is Robert L. Meyer and I am the President of the Anal
Retentive Hiking Club of North America, Inc.

        Usually each prospective member must first complete an exhaustive
qualification process.  However, I am pleased to inform you that the Anal
Retentive Board meeting in emergency session has unanimously voted to waive
the pre-membership procedure and welcome you to this fine and important

        Yes, Mr. Big E, if you accept this invitation to join, you will
immediately receive the following membership premiums:

        1, The two volume, 1346 page abridged edition of "Identifying Errors
in Hiking Publications" first published in 1879 by Chester B. Kephart (
estranged brother of Horace) and;

        2. "Finding Errors for Fun and Profit"  the illustrated pocket guide
to writing persuasive letters to authors and publishers announcing your find.

        I look forward to greeting you at our next meeting as the newest
member of the Anal Retentive Hiking Club where our speaker will be Theodore
"Teddy" Kazinsky who will give a videotaped lecture on cabin living -
organization, methods and the law followed by the always popular game " AT
Data Book Surprise"  Finally, the evening will end with a slide talk,
"Thru-Hiking The Anal Retentive Way" by Oscar de "Floyd" Smith of Erwin, TN
author of the soon to be released " A critical Anal-y-sis of Wingfoot's
Thru-hiker's Guide" available soon for $27.00 at Walmart.


Robert L. Meyer, President, The Anal Retentive Hiking Club,NA, Inc.
" I'm not just the President - I'm also a member ! "


      Forwarded by The Bamaman AT '81
David S. Severance
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