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[at-l] Re: Filter Integrity

rdubois@VNET.IBM.COM wrote:
> I believe a question was asked this past week regarding water
> filter cartridges and how you can tell when the filter has
> been compromised and is no longer filtering as it should.
> I thought I had heard before that some people test their
> filters by trying to filter water colored with a few drops
> of food dye.  If the color shows up in your filtered water,
> the cartridge or filter is not functioning correctly.  If you
> get clear water out, then your cartridge should be good.
> Is this a valid test?  Do all manufacturers approve of this
> method of testing, or is it just some specific brands or models
> that can be tested this way?  What size of micron filtrations is
> required to eliminate dye?  Seems like a pretty simple technique to me.
> Rachel
> "Solophile"  GA-->ME  '97
> http://www.webcom.com/markham/at-hike
My First Need came with a small container of dye but it got to the point
where it took 6 hikers and a horse to pump it so I never needed to use
the dye to tell if it needed replaced.  I used the original + one
replacement and should have gotten another in Maine---yukkkkon boiled
water!!!                   atgoose@knownet.net

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