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Re: [at-l] De-observing, For Now

>   Secondly, (see what you started), for all you 97ers. If you could have
> your choice of beer to find its way to you on a remote section of the
> trail,
> what would it be? Just curious, and who knows?

In order of preference:

Guiness Stout (pub draught in the can)
Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter
Whitbread Ale
Heineken Dark
John Courage Amber
Red Brick Golden Lager (Atlanta Microbrew)
Bass Ale
Anchor Porter
Rogue (Any variety, they're all good)

I'm sure by about the end of the first week I'd suck remnants out of a can
of orphaned Pabst Blue Ribbon or Milwaukee's Best

Will Strickland -ANTELOPE- ME->GA '97
"May the four winds blow you safely home..."
  -- Grateful Dead--
Internet: gt0556d@prism.gatech.edu
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