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Re: [at-l] rock climbing

At 7:23 PM 2/5/97, Toth, Jason CDT  wrote:
>Hi my names Jason Toth and I am a cadet at West Point and i had a
>question for anyone who has done any rock climbing.  I know it doesn't
>have alot to do with AT but i was just wondering if someone could help
>out.  I just went climbing on an indoor wall today and my hands are raw
>pretty ripped up.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I can treat this
>injury.  Also if there is anyway in which i can best prevent it from
>happening in the future.  Furthermore I was thinking of getting together
>and hiking a section of the AT up in Vermont on our spring break next

Tincture of Benzoin (sp?) is great for toughening up skin, but it should be
used BEFORE climbing.

Udder creme is very soothing on rough skin. Its used by quilters as well as
other folk. Herrschner's Needlecraft (1-800-441-0838, Central time zone)
sells by mail-order.


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