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[at-l] De-observing, For Now

  Ok,Ok.  I can see you have shamed many to respond or be
tagged "lurkers" until the end of time. Actually, I finally have
something (interesting or not) to say. As the young speechless
child exclaimed  " Up until now everything was just fine ".
  First, I received a letter from a close friend who hiked with me 
from Springer to Erwin, Tn. (It was a time thing) She has a three
to five week time frame to " do some relaxed hiking ", and as her 
hero (my words) would like me to recommend a section of the AT.
I have fond memories of  the 100 mile wilderness and would
include that in a five week plan. However, if memory serves me
correctly, " relaxed hiking " isn't  the description that comes to mind. 
My second choice would be through NJ and NY. I dubbed that section
my deli a day section. I don't think she would have as strong a food 
craving as I did however. Any  personal favorites or spiritually
sections you can recommend?
  Secondly, (see what you started), for all you 97ers. If you could have
your choice of beer to find its way to you on a remote section of the
what would it be? Just curious, and who knows?

Back to my cyber cell.

Blazes to go, people to meet.

Sleeper 94
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