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Re: [at-l] Message Footers.. Stay or go?

I say keep the footers. That little bit of text doesnt hurt a thing.
I can just click on the link to the archives to go there. The big waste
of bandwidth is the RE button. It is quite often not necessary to
include someones whole message to just reply " I agree with what someone
When several reply to the same lengthy message it makes a real mess.
Often you can just leave one line of the previous posting and add your
reply. For all of us list regulars we have probally already seen the
message several times.

	All in all This list is running smoother than others I am familiar
with. Most everyone is thoughtfull enough to include the proper
"subject" in there postings. With the proper subject line in the posts I
have no problem with NON-HIKING posts. The baseball, golfball, football,
stuff is easily bypassed, so no problem for me altough I have no
interest in the subject. 

	Anyhow Milt and Ryan are doing a great job, I thank the both of you for
providing and upkeeping this great service. It's kinda like a family

chase.....will probally remain an 1100 miler for a while yet. Guess I
can probally finsh my sectiion hike of the AT by the time I get ready to
do a Thru-Hike.

http://www.neocomm.net/~cdavidso/chat.html    Appalachian Trail Talk

GA>97>ME Chase

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