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[at-l] Message Footers.. Stay or go?

NOTE: Message originally sent by MichaelV, Chattanooga Hiking Club
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Michael said...

I really would like to see the list footer that appears after each message
removed. The one that reads:

>This message is from the Appalachian Trail Mailing List     [AT-L]
>To unzubscribe email at-l-request@saffron.hack.net with a message
>...and so on.

It's not necessary to have that after every message. I seem to remember
Ryan saying there was a good reason he was doing it that way, but it would
be sufficient to post the admin info as a monthly message in the digest. Or
do as other list admins do and send a monthly standalone message to the
list subscribers with the admin information. 

AT-L has been awfully cluttered looking for a while now, between the list
footers after each message and the long signatures that many of our readers
use. The footers constitute the proverbial waste of bandwidth. I recently
sent Ryan a note expressing my thoughts but haven't heard back from him. 

I'm willing to take a chance on the occasional UNSUBSCRIBE getting sent to
the list. Anybody else feel the same way about the footers? Any chance of a

Chattanooga Hiking Club

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