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[at-l] Pack weights

The threads concerning pack weights have been informative and interesting. 
However, while reading various messages on this list, I have come across a
common idea.  Everyone (not everyone:) ) seems to be so caught up in the
weight of our packs and minute weighings of every piece of gear.  I am not
saying that this is not important, it just it seems people are caught up in
the idea that if your pack weighs too much (or don't have the gear
"everyone" else owns) you'll be treated differently on the trail or won't
have a successful trip.  I myself have judged people people by the gear
they own, or especially the way they treat it.  

What I am trying to say, is that if your pack is more than "forty" pounds,
or you don't own the new MSR lightweight stove, you can still enjoy your
trip.  It is very frustrating seeing new comers to the sport of
backpacking, going out, spending their hard earned money on gear (they may
or may not need) and not enjoying their trip (ie the sleeping pad was not
as comfortable as they thought, and the three night trip, turns them off
backpacking completely).  

I would rather see someone enjoy their trip with gear that performs well,
doesn't cost them an arm/leg, keeping them hooked on backpacking for the
rest of their lives.   Some people are "so" concerned with weight, gear,
fabrics, and fashion, that they don't actually get outside and live

Michael MacLean
AT Mar 97

*This message was not written to offend everyone.

Conservation is natures idea.
Waste is a man-made concept. 

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