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[at-l] Thruhiking - Hike your own hike

>Episode ? -
>This one came out of what was as close to a flame war as I've yet
>seen on this list.  I was definitely at fault - and I have no desire to
>repeat that experience.  I edited the flamebait out.
>Walk softly,
Great stuff Jim. You posted something quite awhile back that I have been trying to
find  and can't and wondered if you or maybe someone else on the list might still have it.
It was a part of the book that was used by Warren Doyle I believe for instructing thru-hikers.
I think the name of it was "Walking the Appalachian Trail".  There was some good stuff in
there, maybe some alittle controversial, but still good .  

erehwon and erehwyna

ME to GA '97 (Rexx says leaving in 3 months 13 days )

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