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Re: [at-l] Message Footers.. Stay or go? (from admin)

> I really would like to see the list footer that appears after each message
> removed. The one that reads:
> >This message is from the Appalachian Trail Mailing List     [AT-L]
> >To unzubscribe email at-l-request@saffron.hack.net with a message
> >...and so on.
> It's not necessary to have that after every message. I seem to remember
> Ryan saying there was a good reason he was doing it that way, but it would
> be sufficient to post the admin info as a monthly message in the digest. Or
> do as other list admins do and send a monthly standalone message to the
> list subscribers with the admin information.

The reasoning goes something like this:  We used to get quite a number
unsubscription requests posted to the list, sometimes many in a very
amount of time from one person.   From a list admin's point of view,
sure annoying, and quite a few list members expressed their
with them as well.   I'm on three other mailing lists, and all of them
message footers.   I thought it to be a small price to pay to keep
extra messages out of peoples mailboxes.  

> AT-L has been awfully cluttered looking for a while now, between the list
> footers after each message and the long signatures that many of our readers
> use. The footers constitute the proverbial waste of bandwidth. I recently
> sent Ryan a note expressing my thoughts but haven't heard back from him.
> I'm willing to take a chance on the occasional UNSUBSCRIBE getting sent to
> the list. Anybody else feel the same way about the footers? Any chance of a
>  vote?

Michael brings up an extremely valid point, the footers do waste
bandwidth, but
I've done my best to keep them as small as possible.   My day-to-day job
completely related to conserving internet bandwidth, so if the list
would prefer not to have them;  I'd convert over to a once-a-week

So,  please drop me an email with what you'd like to see:

	-	Lose the footers, put out a weekly individual email
		(I wouldn't want to make the frequency any lower than

	-	Crop the footer to one line.


	-	Leave the footers.

I'd encourage people to reply to me, ryan@inc.net, instead of further
cluttering the list with a non-Trail related subject :-).

To put in my vote,  I read every message on this list, and I don't mind
footer.  Especially since it saves me and Milt administrative time
(self-serving, eh?)  I'll be happy to go with whatever the list
decides.   I appreciate Michael & others bringing this to Milt and my

Don't freeze,


> MichaelV
> Chattanooga Hiking Club
> ChattTnUSA

      Ryan K. Brooks, ryan@inc.net, Internet Connect, Inc.
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