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Re: [at-l] Favorite Breakfasts?

At 07:03 AM 2/3/97 PST, Phil Romans wrote:
>	I can get dinner down pretty good, and lunch is easy as well.  
>But does anyone have ideas for trail breakfasts?  This has been my 

I'm partial to museli (sp?).  Museli is a mix of grains, dried fruit, and
nuts.  Try to find one that isn't too sweet.  I mix museli & instant dry
milk in a ziploc bag.  This breakfast can be eaten hot or cold... just add
water.  If you add the water to the bag, then there is no cleanup.

Also, consider:

(1) Instant rice with nuts, raisins, instant milk & brown sugar.
(2) Quick (not instant) oatmeal... you can bring it to a boil and let it
sit to finish cooking.
(3) Rice or corn "poha" fron your local Indian (as in India) grocery.
(4) Quick grits.
(5) Cornmeal mush (boil & let sit).

With any of the grains, try adding nuts and dried fruit.

For the "boil & sit" items, consider bringing along a "cozy" made from
"reflectix" (foil covered bubble wrap used for insulation) or pieces of old
foam sleeping pads.  The reflectix is a good insulator (keeps things
cooking longer) and weighs next to nothing.

Finally, what about eating a dinner for breakfast?  Calories are calories!

-- Jim Mayer
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