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Re: [at-l] Favorite Breakfasts?

>  I can get dinner down pretty good, and lunch is easy as well.  
> But does anyone have ideas for trail breakfasts?

I love Pop Tarts and Carnation Instant Breakfast (especially the French Vanilla 
flavor) mixed with coffee instead of milk. That's become my primary backpacking 
breakfast. I even eat it at home! Together they're quite nutritous and very 
filling, and extremely easy to prepare.

It's also nice to occasionally take enough bacon with you from a resupply for a 
couple of day's breakfasts. You can use the bacon grease to fry up some 
bannock, too, if you like it. Instant Cream of Wheat and Oatmeal are OK for 
change of pace, but don't seem to provide all that much energy. Finally, some 
kind of nutritious dry cereal, like Shredded Wheat, mixed with milk and dried 
fruit makes for a good and easy to prepare breakfast.

Michael Connick
GA->ME on the Appalachian Trail in 98!

E-mail: Michael_Connick@clrmnt.com
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