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Re: [at-l] Re: hike-naked?

Big E -

Ever hear of the 'mile-high-club'?  This is flying naked.  We're not talking a 90's thing here. It is everyones fantasy to be naughty every once in a while.  Hiking naked is merely a fantasy fulfilled.  People on this list all have at least one fantasy in common, a thru-hike (properly spelled).  So we are all familiar with fantasy fulfillment.  I have never seen a naked hiker, nor have I hiked naked (maybe this year!), but it sure is a fantasy.  

I'll bet that even you have been naughty once or twice!!!  Come on, 'fess up.

  You might be a redneck if ... 
           ... going to the bathroom at night involves shoes and a flashlight.

Rick Mann, aka 'Pittsburgh'

> I met three naked, redneck hikers last year on June 21st in New Jersey.
> My first reaction was one of humor, which quickly changed to disgust and
> several
> other reactions.
> What kind of an image does it portray as through-hikers stroll through
> a town or down a country road --- naked?
> Would you want your daughter (who is a solo through hiker) to come upon
> three naked male hikers in the wilderness?  Is there not just the slightest 
> possibility of many forms of sexual abuse in this scenario?
> Is not naked hiking almost strictly a male ego/macho thing?  Is it not purely
> a form of sexual abuse?  Have you ever seen women hiking naked?
> I know its the "90's" and there is a "new morality" among young people today,
> but I  think the practice is disgusting and an affront to all the people who
> have
> worked so hard to establish and maintain the footpath.
> The Big E
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