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Re: [at-l] Re: hike-naked?

I met three naked, redneck hikers last year on June 21st in New Jersey.

My first reaction was one of humor, which quickly changed to disgust and
other reactions.

What kind of an image does it portray as through-hikers stroll through
a town or down a country road --- naked?

Would you want your daughter (who is a solo through hiker) to come upon
three naked male hikers in the wilderness?  Is there not just the slightest 
possibility of many forms of sexual abuse in this scenario?

Is not naked hiking almost strictly a male ego/macho thing?  Is it not purely
a form of sexual abuse?  Have you ever seen women hiking naked?

I know its the "90's" and there is a "new morality" among young people today,
but I  think the practice is disgusting and an affront to all the people who
worked so hard to establish and maintain the footpath.

The Big E

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