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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Pad

kahlena wrote:
> When I was a babe, I slept like a babe. Anywhere, anytime,...in my
> stoller, in my crib, in my high chair with my face in my food. I've
> been told I could even dirty a diaper without the flutter of a baby
> eyelash.
> As a child, I could sleep anywhere I lay my head.Neither roots, rocks,
> nor sticks or stones disturbed my childhood's slumber.
> In my teens and twenties, the floor and the ground appealled to me.
> Who needed the comforts of a bed.  Sleeping and loving on the ground
> were counter cultural..cool  (Why don' we do it in da road?)
> When I hit thirty, it was no longer cool..just cold.  And a 'blue'
> pad found it's way onto my back.
> Passed fourty now and I just bought my first Thermarest...a 3/4
> ultra light.
> I can feel that in the not so distant furture a longer, thicker
> model will be needed.
> And I hope you'll not laugh too loudly , when we meet on the trail,
> at the old women dragging the collapse-a-cot mounted on wheels, behind
> her blue-haired self.
> Youth is truely wasted on the young....         Kahley

Well said, Kahley! My feelings exactly, but I won't get blue hair. 

Peter H. Fornof
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