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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Pad

When I was a babe, I slept like a babe. Anywhere, anytime,...in my 
stoller, in my crib, in my high chair with my face in my food. I've 
been told I could even dirty a diaper without the flutter of a baby

As a child, I could sleep anywhere I lay my head.Neither roots, rocks, 
nor sticks or stones disturbed my childhood's slumber.

In my teens and twenties, the floor and the ground appealled to me.
Who needed the comforts of a bed.  Sleeping and loving on the ground
were counter cultural..cool  (Why don' we do it in da road?)

When I hit thirty, it was no longer cool..just cold.  And a 'blue'
pad found it's way onto my back.

Passed fourty now and I just bought my first Thermarest...a 3/4
ultra light.

I can feel that in the not so distant furture a longer, thicker
model will be needed.

And I hope you'll not laugh too loudly , when we meet on the trail, 
at the old women dragging the collapse-a-cot mounted on wheels, behind
her blue-haired self.

Youth is truely wasted on the young....		Kahley
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