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RE: [at-l] Boot Care--products?

On 03-Feb-97 Michael MacLean wrote:
>I bought a pair of smooth leather hiking boots about seven months ago.  I
>think they are finally and throughly broken in.  I have can of Dubbin
>(silicone), made by the Kiwi polish company, which is about 17 years old. 
>Would this be a good product to use on my boots?  The label on the tin can
>says "Warranted to soften, preserve and render waterproof all kinds of
>leather"?  Would newer products do the same or better?  Thanks alot!
>AT Mar '97

I don't think I'd trust a 17 year old bottle of anything.  (Well, 'cept maybe
scotch! ;)  There's two products I like:  Snowseal and Nikwax.  I've used
snoseal since it was in the metal can, and you had to melt it in a pan of hot
water, then apply it with a cotton rag.  Now, I think it's in a plastic can
and doesn't require heating to apply.

Nikwax comes in a tin like shoe polish and in a bottle with a brush.  I prefer
the tin because you can work the paste into the leather, like snoseal.  I tried
the bottle once and didn't like it.  Personal preference, though.  Go with the
paste version of snoseal or Nikwax and you'll be about as waterproof as you can
be.  (And that ain't sayin much if the water tops your boots!)

Best regards,
David DeCroix                                        finger for PGP public key
decroix@brunt.meas.ncsu.edu           Linux - The choice of the GNU generation

p.s.  Be sure to read the label about darkening, leather types, etc. and get
the right one for your boots.
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