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RE: [at-l] A pack weight plea

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997 20:46:55 -0500, Kurtis Kirsch wrote:

>-- [ From: Kurtis Kirsch * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --
>  I think you just like
>getting naked outdoors, and that is why you advocating this approach to
>assessing pack weight ;^)
>		have fun gettin' naked,
>		Kurt
>		kurt.kirsch@internetmci.com
Naked in the outdoors ! What a novel concept . Not that I am against it
mind you, but it might have some interesting and maybe sometimes painful
caveats. Even though,, I have read of a couple of thru-hikers doing it. We happen
to know one hiker who is really in to it, but Alison won't let me go hiking with her anymore.:-)
But, no I didn't get this idea because of any desire to be naked in the woods. I got
this idea because of this list . So many people recommended  I read Ray Jardine,
that I finally did. He has some very interesting ideas. I don't think I could ever
do all the things he suggested, but they did make me rethink several things. One
of which is the "total" weight. Yes you wear boots everyday, but what if you
discovered that a pair weighing 2 lbs less than the ones you have now would do the
same job and fit just as well. So what do you do ? Not bother even considering the lighter
boots because , Oh I wear boots everyday so I'm not going to consider reducing weight
there. Of course not, a reasonable person with a goal of carrying less weight would have
to notice that. And that is my point, whether it's on your back , pulling down on your
shoulders, or you are lifting it with your arms or legs you are still carrying the weight.
And since I like to carry less weight I look at everything. 

erehwon and erehwyna

ME to GA '97 (REXX says leaving in 2,484 hours 22 minutes )
With clothes on , at least most of the way.
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