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[at-l] Felix

Frank Logue...now there's a good man,
I read his messages, as best as I can.
When I sent my first post
He was the most gracious host...
And now he can't stuff me back in my can!
(not for a few more weeks anyway)

Felix is back! Oh my, somebody save us!
Online from Indiana, south of Indianapolis.
He's a real great guy
a car from him I'd buy...
Only trouble is...he's Robert J Davis!!

I can hear the keys clicking all the way up here Felix...or is that the 
rain hitting the snow outside my window....

BTW...I found Shepherdstown AND the Appalachian Trail on my National 
Geographic Map (Oct/76) this evening. Shepherdstown was right where 
Kathy Bilton said it would be! And the AT does enter West Virginia near 
Damascus. Damascus to Raphine, here I come...


       Doug Gibbons, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland        
        '...lowliness is young ambition's ladder.'
	 (Brutus in Julius Caesar [Shakespeare])

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