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[at-l] Re: Film for a thru-hike

At 10:39 AM 2/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>you talked about lens & film, did anyone carry a video camera?  
>what kind?
> how much did it weigh?
> any suggestions?
>David L Atkinson Jr
>"Fanny Pack" '96 GA->ME

Actually, Maine Rose should be able to answer this as she used one every
once in a while.  I think they were a basic Sony model, probably in the 2
lb. area, but then again Rosie could say for sure.  Of course, JVC has a new
1 lb. digital camcorder out for only $2500 - would you like for me to order
you one?  Has a possible zoom up to 100x - that ought to bring in Katahdin
from the Maine border!  I really like the video idea after watching the
Trailsides video and with the computer program Snappy out now for $200 you
can take any frame off your video in 16.8 million colors and up to 1500x1125
resolution!  Then you can use these as pics for your web site, newsletters,
whatever.  Cool,huh?


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