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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Pads

I have the 3/4 LE also and find that it works perfect for me. I am 5'5" and
sleep in a fetal position in my TNF bag anyways...so my opinion is...IF ya
AINT small like me then don't get it. Those who responded about regrets
towards not getting  a bigger thermarest... " just how tall are you " ;-) 
47"s is under 4 feet ya know....
                   Just having fun with the thread..  Tumbleweed GA>ME 97
PS. Just got my new Sierra trading post catalog and they have the
thermarests in the full length 72" self inflating by Cascade Designs for
42.50 ... nice price! darn! and I paid 65 for my 3/4, but its a genuine
therma at least ;-).  I will be using both, shelters and a tent<bivy> ....

> Do you use a pad and if so, what kind are you using for extended
> hikes?
> Does your pad choice depend on whether you choose to utilize shelters or
> tent?

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