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[at-l] Limericks and "A Good-Hearted Request"

Hi -

I was a bit startled yesterday to find my name as the subject heading for
an AT-L message... As a result, I decided to create my own little
limerick...(I don't think I've ever written one before - though you'd
think one would have had to do this back in school at some point..)

	If you ever walk along the A.T.
	There's a tree some say you will see.
	It's got real shaggy bark,
	And it glows in the dark.
	If you see it, you may want to flee!

On a more serious note, I received an email from a grad student at ASU as
a result of my involvement with my local Audubon chapter.  He is asking
for participation in a survey he is doing for his Master's thesis. 

I have put the full text of the request online at 
http://www.fred.net/kathy/request.txt  for anyone who is interested in
participating in his survey - and wants to know a bit more about it.

A small portion of the email I received:
I come to you  with a request: Is there any way that you could facilitate 
the circulation, preferably by e-mail, of a very basic two question 
"questionnaire" - "What is nature to you?" and "What does nature or an 
experience of nature mean to you?"?  And, have respondents e-mail me 
directly with comments, questions, and/or answers?  Although the 
questions seem simplistic the answers will be very helpful to me.  If 
there is any way that you could make this happen I would be grateful 
beyond words.  

Mark Leary


--Kathy Bilton

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