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Re: [at-l] slides vs prints?? BOTH

Charles, haven't you - and the rest of the to-be thru-hikers heard about 
Dale Photo?? I've been getting both slides AND prints AND discs of my 
pics for some time now, and think that's an ideal way to go with pics as 
valuable as those taken on a thru-hike!  The quality of the slides seems 
to me to be as good as those I got with Kodachrome in the Good-ol-days, 
and some of my disc prints are on our club page (NHC) at 
	You can carry (or mail drop) a couple of their envelopes, and 
have the finished pics when you finish.  Their addr. is: Dale 
Laboratories, 2960 Simms St. Hollywood, FL, 33020-9962.
	I believe that Seattle Film works and another outfit also do 
both slides and prints, but I have no experience with them.
	Happy Trails.....Jack, the old smoked ham

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