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[at-l] Re: "Viewshed"??

>From: Sharon Sharpe <SSHARPE@WELLESLEY.EDU>
All I can suggest is come to one of the Dutchess/Putnam AT management
meetings.  We are all volunteers.  We are intimately involved in all
the land purchases in our area, from prioritizing which tracts, to
walking the land and drawing the boundaries, to considering the land
owners feelings on the subject.  We win some and lose some when
fighting with NPS (no USFS in our area).  In general ATC staff are not
involved (other than making sure we do our job and suggesting other

Cases similar to those mentioned so far have all occurred.  We have a
number of pieces where we purchased too little originally but the
original deal was, that's all you can have - no more - don't come
back. We try very hard to honor those handshake agreements. Patience is
a virtue - we have recently completed getting more in one of those
cases because the owners are getting elderly and needed the money for
medical expenses.  I am not aware of any neighbors who are seriously
mad at us.

Volunteers can and do make a difference.

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