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Re: [at-l] re: iodine tablets

Although I always carry Potable Aqua or the like as backup, I think the
upcoming hike will be more relying on the good ol' PUR Hiker -- My partner
for the cruise is deathly allergic to shellfish (the whole anaphylactic shock
thing can be a real bummer :-) and I believe that, although i'm not sure if
this is true in her specific case, this is often due to the iodine content of
these shellfish...  Just a little tidbit for anyone else in the the same or
similar boat.  Anyway, the epi-pen will be a welcome few extra ounces int eh
med kit...

Scoob   <-- Current nickname is reference to a certain cartoon pup, but not a
trail name just yet.
Boulder, CO
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