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[at-l] re: iodine tablets

I haven't read this thread carefully, so maybe it's been covered already.  We
heard on the trail (using Polar Pur exclusively up to Pearisburg, VA) that
regular iodine use will start taking out some of the bacteria in your intestines
that you need for digestion.  Thus, it was recommended that we eat a couple of
yogurts everytime we hit a town to replentish them.  Sorry to say, but I have no
basis in fact to comment on this, perhaps someone else does.

On a related intestinal behavior note, I did notice that the iodine treatment
kept my trips to the woods on a 1 per day basis, conveniently right after
breakfast!  After switching to a water filter, it seemed like I was regularly
going twice or more per day. 

Sir Goober Peas

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