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[at-l] Bamaman's 3 New Products For '97

>                        New For  '97 ************
>         3.  The MSR model Gu/K.  The newest addition to the MSR line of
backpacking stoves.  The MSR Gu/K/45 will burn white gas, kereosene, leaded
and unleaded auto gas, all flavors of Gu and yes with the special adaptor,
any brand of beer that sells for less than  $2.65 a six pack.  Best
performance has been obtained by using Colt 45, 16 oz cans.  Optional Sigg
'45 commemorative 16 oz fuel container rebate offer - See details in Colt 45
store display.  MSR continues its goal of developing a stove that will burn
>         2.  The Vasque Complainer.  The newest addition to Vasque' s long
line of hiking boots.  Especially geared to the long distance hiker and
particularly those frequenting the Appalachian Trail.  Each purchaser will
receive a prepaid phone card with the Vasque logo embossed to dial into our
nationwide customer service center ( or *AT for those cell phone packin
people)  Once connected to the center, you will be courteously instructed
where to send your VC's in for repair and how much the repair will cost you.
Vasque's courteous hiker oriented technical representatives will
professionally answer all of your complaints.
>          1.  Alpentech Mini Mic  A revolutionary new product. An 8.9 oz
single portion microwave oven unit designed to run off of your cellular
phone battery.   Designed to heat approximately 15 single portion Bamaman
Mini-Mic Entree meals on a fully charged battery.
>        Look for Bamaman Mini-Mic recharge units anywhere mini-mic entrees
are sold.  
>        Coming soon thanks to a joint effort of the NPS, ATC and Bamaman
Enterprises ltd a recharge unit at all AT lean-to's where weary hikers can
recharge there cell phone/mini-mic batteries using their Bamacard.  Plans
are also being made with Trailplace .com to provide convenient internet
access at all trail shelters.
>The Bamaman AT '81
>Be sure to look for the upcoming "The Bama Way of Knowledge" by Carlos
Bamameda or " Things you can do with your Bama Pecan Pie Tin"                 
David S. Severance
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