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[at-l] re: Wlarus swift - 2 people? / knife

wellll... as others have said, for two people it's a pinch.  if you want a
two person tent for "regular hiking" get something a little larger, like a
NF tadpole or the Arch Rival or kelty windfoil.  HOWEVER, if you intend to
use it on a thruhike, spending most nights in shelters and relying on your
tent as emergency backup, this would be a great tent.  it is super light,
and will hold two people, you just don't want to do it too often.

i carried a "climber" swiss army - includes scissors, can and bottle opener
and corkscrew.  but i only used the scissors and blade regularly.  the
trouble is, i've got so attached to this knife i still carry it on longer
hikes - i DON'T want to be caught not being able to opn a beer or bottle of
wine!  those experiences on the trail are worth the extra oz.

i also have a mini-buck that i can't get an accurate weight on because it's
so light, and i use that for all my two and three day hikes now.

i'd say gutsy's recommendation of the "classic" is a good one for a thruhike
- you don't need much more than this provides.

ke kaahawe

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