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[at-l] worth their weight X10

Last nite I called a cousin who's in the military and left a message
with his wife that I need two P-38s and I'd pay him whatever they cost.
This evening I got a call from him wondering why I wanted him to buy me 
two pistols.  Somehow his wife had missed the message!
I explained what I needed and he told me that they are hard to come by.
Since the military went to MRE's fifeteen years ago, they no longer 
issue them.  His was given to him by a guy who served in Nam. 
He said the two for a buck ones are definitely third rate...inferior
metal.  He also cautioned me that in some surplus stores have been known
to paint the cheap ones to try and mimic the dark finish on the real 
thing and that even an old one will probably work better that a crate
of the cheapies.  I check US Cavalry cats. but nadda.
So if you have one of these....keep a eye on it.  According to my
cousin they're worth ten times their weight in gold.  Kahley
You have been warned...watch out for the blond women who asks to borrow 
your can opener....<<<<<VBG>>>>>>>
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