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Re: [at-l] Re: demographics

At 05:59 PM 1/23/97, Pete Fornof wrote:
>MManzano@aol.com wrote:
>> BTW, when my stove fails out there on the trail, I sure hope one of you guys
>> is around because I sure as hell can't figure the darn thing out!  You'd help
>> your old mom wouldn't you?  The store clerk told me to take it apart before I
>> leave so I can be sure I can put it back together again, but I'm terrified to
>> even start :-))))
>Mechanical apptitude is not a male/female thing, nor is it an age thing.
>Believe me, if anything breaks and I can't fix it in 5 minutes, it stays
>broken until someone with a little more patience comes along. Hey, cold
>freeze-dried isn't that bad, is it? <gag>.
>And...I've met you and wouldn't consider you an "old mom".  You looked
>pretty young to me!

Have no fear. I fixed our MSR stove on the trail of a three day hiking
weekend. the very thin jet had been bent and I figured it out without too
much trouble. The instructions were  clear. Take your time, be patient and
try taking it apart as they recommend for servicing so that the clerk can
help you if you can't get it back together.  Don't trap yourself into
feeling stupid.
My husband abandoned it when it wouldn't work.
BTW I am 44 and when  I turned 40, it was great! Just think about how much
more you can do and how much better you can cope when things fail and
things get bad because you have been through a lot already and it didn't do
any good then to get upset or worried about things. Just one foot after the
The next 50 years will be even better!


Deborah S. Grove, Ph.D.
Manager, Nucleic Acid Facility
210 Wartik Laboratory
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
Tel: (814)865-3332


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