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Re: [at-l] Now what?

kahlena wrote:

> the unanymous verdict on a good knife to carry? SAR or multi-tool.
> And please remember how...frugal I am.          Kahley
> -----------------------------------------------<            

You'll never get unitity, but...

Check out the single blade folding Buck knives that sell at K or Wal
marts for about $19.  (Buck model 450, black rubber handle, non 
reflective blade, relatively light weight, about 7 inches total


ps.  Buck Knives carry a lifetime warrenty .
My experience had been that I had abused one of their products, and 
returned it to them to see if they could possibly repair it at my 
expense. (sentimental reasons)
Their response was to send me a letter of apology...
(words to this effect)

	Dear Bob, we are sorry that our product failed to meet 
	your expectations. We will be replacing this knife asap.

This is one great company. 
I Told them that I was digging rocks out of the ground with the knife!
but, they appreciated the sentiment
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