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Re: [at-l] Now what?

> So what's 
> the unanymous verdict on a good knife to carry? SAR or multi-tool. 
> And please remember how...frugal I am.		Kahley

I would say the best way to determine which is best is to
take a look at your gear . I bought one of the mini Leatherman
tools last spring planning to take it on our thru-hike, after
carrying it all summer I discovered the only thing I ever used
was the knife blade. So I started looking at all the gadgets on
the tool and trying to figure out why I needed them . First
the phillips head screwdriver, nope don't need that nothing I
carry has phillips head screws, then I started thinking even
farther and noticed we have no screws whatsoever. Bottom line
was, the only thing I could figure out a need for was the
blade, so now I carry a Gerber LST .
Nice little knife, weighs about an ounce, and does what I need 
it to do. So take alook at your stuff , and see if you really
need all those gadgets. Maybe you do, maybe you don't ......
"Only the Shadow knows for sure " 

unanimous verdict ? What's that ?

erehwon and erehwyna

ME to GA '97  (REXX says leaving in 2,742 hours 12 minutes )
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