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[at-l] Re: demographics

MManzano@aol.com wrote:

> BTW, when my stove fails out there on the trail, I sure hope one of you guys
> is around because I sure as hell can't figure the darn thing out!  You'd help
> your old mom wouldn't you?  The store clerk told me to take it apart before I
> leave so I can be sure I can put it back together again, but I'm terrified to
> even start :-))))


Mechanical apptitude is not a male/female thing, nor is it an age thing.
Believe me, if anything breaks and I can't fix it in 5 minutes, it stays
broken until someone with a little more patience comes along. Hey, cold
freeze-dried isn't that bad, is it? <gag>.

And...I've met you and wouldn't consider you an "old mom".  You looked
pretty young to me! 

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