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Re: [at-l] Re: Boots - foot pain/Bloody Feet

At 10:35 PM 1/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I thought this was a very interesting post.  I don't experience that sharp
>pain in the ball of the foot.  But if I either, hike, walk, or run the balls
>of my feet become a bloody mess.  And it is a really big mess to clean up(I
>won't go into details) not to mention the pain that comes with it.  It
>happens in all my pairs of boots, regular foot wear and my running shoes.
> The doc said I had a mild case of flat feet, and over- pronate when I walk.
> I've tried several different types of socks and and arch supports/boot
>insoles.  Any Ideas.  I want to Thru hike in '98 but won't go if I have to
>nurse two bloody feet before I go to bed everynight.  I appreciate any help.
> :)
>"The Hobbler"

I think you must be leaving a few little details out.  Your doctor didn't
comment on the fact that your feet ooze blood while walking around?  Think I
would switch doctors quickly and a visit to the ER might not be out of order. 


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