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Re: [at-l] Re: Boots - foot pain/Bloody Feet

I thought this was a very interesting post.  I don't experience that sharp
pain in the ball of the foot.  But if I either, hike, walk, or run the balls
of my feet become a bloody mess.  And it is a really big mess to clean up(I
won't go into details) not to mention the pain that comes with it.  It
happens in all my pairs of boots, regular foot wear and my running shoes.
 The doc said I had a mild case of flat feet, and over- pronate when I walk.
 I've tried several different types of socks and and arch supports/boot
insoles.  Any Ideas.  I want to Thru hike in '98 but won't go if I have to
nurse two bloody feet before I go to bed everynight.  I appreciate any help.

"The Hobbler"
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