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[at-l] Re: food bars, pack covers

I'm not crazy about the taste of PowerBars, but when you're on the trail,
anything tastes good, and I've found that PowerBars are more
hunger-satisfying than candy bars or most of the other food bars I've tried.
I ate two a day on a CDT hike this past summer and found they kept me from
getting nearly as hungry as I've been on other hikes. You can get PowerBars a
lot cheaper than the usual $1.50-$1.98 prices. A couple suggestions: Sam's
Club. I got them there for about a $1.00 each in boxes of  24. Also, prior to
my  CDT hike, I wrote to PowerBar and was told the bars can be mail ordered
from Colorado Cyclist at about a $1.00 each. The number there is (800)

Regarding pack covers. I used a Lowe pack cover with a Lowe pack on my '93 AT
thru-hike and wasn't at all satisfied. It seemed like a good cover, but water
always seemed to get in. I used a Dana cover with the hood on a Dana pack on
the CDT and was totally happy with it. Dana gear is expensive, but it lasts a
long time and does what it's supposed to do. The hood on the cover is a great
idea for AT hikes. It's probably all the rain protection that's needed during
most of the hike. It keeps your head and shoulders dry. Anything more is too
much--too hot and sweaty unless you're standing around camp or it's really

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