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[at-l] Re: Directions

  You asked for better directions to the Malden Mills outlet.Here ya go>
North out of Boston on rt 93 take exit 48 onto rt 213. 213 connects 495 and
93. Exit 2 on 213 is rt 28, go south abt one mile through Methuen and just
over the Lawrence line on your right is Malden Mills. The Outlet is at 600
Broadway (the local name for rt 28). A big yellow sign is over the entrance,
you really can't miss it! They sell fabric in huge amounts,(there's a
discount for over 200 yds) but they also sell "throws" of about 10'x10' for
12-15$ and rems at a dollar or two. You can make a scarf or something for a
couple of bucks or a sleepingbag cover for 15$. Polartec, Windbloc,
Polarfleece ect.   Cheap and Warm Trails >TraderJohn
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