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RE: [at-l] boots- foot pain

Has anyone experienced foot pain in the ball of there foot? I am 6'3" 190 #
carry pack wt. around 40-50 # ( I am reeally working on reducing this!!!!), I
wear vasque sundowners which are now 4years old and are not worn badly. I have
tried different sock combinations, and lacing and I still get a sharp numbing
pain in the ball of my feet. I am thinking of up grading to a stiffer boot
(vasque- thru hiker) most sales people I have talked to  advise against
anything much stiffer due to a lack of flexability. I have known several that
use them(thru -hikers) and are very pleased with them right out of the box. I
would appreciate comments etc for help
When we thru hiked, I had a par of Vasque.  The really old heavy duty type.  I had 
a similar problem of pain in the foot.  The was many a night when I would lie on
my sleeping bag for a hour after a long days hike, waiting for the pain to subside.  In
the morning my feet were in torture for a half hour until I beat them numb again.
One day in New Jersey I looked down and could see my socks thru the gap between
my soles and uppers.  We took an overnight side trip into Port Jervis to have my boots
resoled.  While wandering around a drug store I picked up a pair of Dr. Scholls arch 
supports with the metatarsal supports. 

The next day I felt like a new man.  We did 11 miles that afternoon and didn't start
hiking until after 2:00.  The following day we did our first 30+ mile day.  My feet 
were a little sore but we did do the last 4 miles into Deleware Water Gap in less 
than 1 hour.  But after a few minutes to let my feet air out, we were up and 
waking around town.

Ron Moak

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