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[at-l] Gu and other stuff

Gu, PowerGel, UltraGel, etc. are diffrent brands of thick fluid (gel or
custard like consistency) that contains carbohydrates, electrolytes (and
vitamins, depending upon the brand).  Long distance runners have been the
primary users of these products.  For example, in a five hour run I will
suck down 6-8 packets.  They come in foil packs - you tear off the top and
squeeze the contents into your mouth.  I find them tastier and easier to
digest while on the go than Power Bars, and they give a quicker energy
burst.  They also give an immediate increase in blood sugar which can clear
away mental cobwebs very fast.  You can purchase these products at GNC
stores, Sports Authority, running stores, REI or through catalogs.


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