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[at-l] day hiking/bear siteing

Deb (dsg4@email.psu.edu) wrote:
> We did  a lot of key exchange hikes last summer on the AT on Skyline Drive.
> It was refreshing to have a nice hike on the AT and yet not worry about
> shuttles or heavy packs etc. It was amazing that we saw very few people in
> August. I know the thruhikers were gone but it was surprising that others
> don't take advantage of the beautiful trail in that area.
> I did get to see a bear on part of the trail. I heard a noise down over the
> hill from the trail and looked over but didn't see anything right away. As I
> continued I rounded a bend and could look back up on the hillside to where I
> had been. There snuffling along was a young black bear. He didn't see me for
> awhile but finally did and took off. I would rather see a bear than a snake.
My black bear siteing was a few miles north of Fontana Dam in GSMNP last summer.
He (or she) was playing and rolling and pulling down small trees to eat the
upper leaves.  I watched in awe for 10 or 15 minutes.  He never knew I was there.

Rick Mann, aka 'Pittsburgh'
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