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Re: [at-l] Pack Covers

At 03:41 PM 1/20/97 PST, Pete Fornof wrote:
>Hey, here is a piece of equipment we haven't talked about much before. I
>know some people use plastic trash bags for this but how many people
>actually use a commercial pack cover? I've had one that I bought from
>REI in the 70's and up until recently, it served me well. It was
>sticking together from mildew and had developed some really thin spots,
>so I decided to replace it.

Any thoughts about using a trash compactor bag INSIDE the pack instead of a
pack cover OUTSIDE the pack?  That's 2oz vs 8oz.  I'm going to try that
this year.  The trash compactor bags are made of 3mil plastic and are MUCH
tougher than garbage bags.

-- Jim
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