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[at-l] Cheaps,Gu, trailnames,cell ph.s

 No mail order from Malden Mills, pretty sure they only sell fabric. You'll
have better luck contacting New Balance if don't spell with a downeast accent
( I typed newbalence.com shouda been newbalance.com). Gu? Gak! Powerbars?
Gad! I'll take the peanut butter cookies. :-) A trail name from initials?
You're lucky to have JAM. My wife married into NAG! She also makes me pack a
cell phone when I'm out with my son, 7 year old Billy. Hmmm... doesn't tell
me to bring one when I'm out alone. Cell phones are against the rules at
Baxter, (what isn't?) I tried ours four times and got through once from the
east side. I think when the bill came the signal was picked up by Bangor.
Signals are very spotty in the Mountains, so schedule a few times to 'check
in' if you're not sure the call will go through from where you plan on being.
No point in panicing some one becuase they didn't get the call due to bad
batts or not being where a call can get out. Gotta go fix snack time for the
kids. Do you think they'll eat those PBs I bought last sping? Happy Trails>
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