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[at-l] Vasque

Over the past 5 years or so that I have been doing serious gear comparsions,
I have been noticing a change in Vasque returns.  It use to be that you 
could call up Vasque, say that your boots were screwed (usually because 
the glue came off the sole) and they would tell you to take them to a 
local dealer or mail them in and get a new pair.  No problems.
	Appreantly now, they are no longer doing this program.  Quiet a 
few people I know that own those boots are getting ticked because it was 
the main reason they bought the boots.  Vasque is well known for the 
cheap glue they used on thier boots... 

anyone know the offical word?

-=phil (I own Rachlies but have to go through REI, go figure)

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