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Re: [at-l] Vasque

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> Date: Friday, 17-Jan-97 01:16 PM
> From: Phil Romans              \ Internet:    (promans@justice.loyola.edu)
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> Subject: [at-l] Vasque
> Over the past 5 years or so that I have been doing serious gear
comparsions, I
> have been noticing a change in Vasque returns.  It use to be that you 
> call up Vasque, say that your boots were screwed (usually because  the
> came off the sole) and they would tell you to take them to a  local
dealer or
> mail them in and get a new pair.  No problems.
>         Appreantly now, they are no longer doing this program.  Quiet a 
> people I know that own those boots are getting ticked because it was  the
> reason they bought the boots.  Vasque is well known for the  cheap glue
> used on thier boots... 
> anyone know the offical word?
> -=phil (I own Rachlies but have to go through REI, go figure)
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The toes of my Vasque Super Hiker II's wore out two days after I left Hot
Springs, 4/23/96.  I wasn't able to call Vasque until I got to Erwin on
4/29/96.  (Erwin's a great town, I stayed there 4 days, twisted my knee
dancin', broke my toe canoein', and would do it all again.)  So I call up
Vasque's customer service line, and I tried to explain, in detail, that my
boots were falling apart, and then the interrogation began.  By the end of
the phone call, I was pissed.  I was given two choices.  One, goes hundreds
of miles off the trail to a Vasque approved dealer, or two, hike barefoot
until Damascus, (where my backup boots were already sent), and send Vasque
my F**cked up boots so that they could see for themselves how much credit
that they would give me towards buying a new set of boots.  I suggested a
different option, that I would hike to my back-up boots, and then send the
sh*tty ones to Vasque.  Damascus was the end of my 96 attempt to thru hike,
but I was still pissed by the treatment I received from Vasque's customer
service representive, so I prepared my assault.  I called up Redwing (the
company the owns Vasque), and pretended to be a college student doing a
paper on outdoor gear, and got the phone number and mailing address for
Redwing's Vasque division manager.  I wrote him about how terrible that I
felt I was treated.  It was a two page letter, which I made a copy of, and
sent the copy of the letter with my boots to Vasque's customer service
center in Utah.  That was on 5/13 or 5/14/96.  I arrived back in NJ on
5/21/96, only to find a brand new pair of boots waiting for me at my mom's.
They arrived the day before.  

Don't let some customer service person give you a run around.  If you don't
like their answers, go over their heads.  I should have done it the first
time I call Vasque, instead of waiting til Damascus.  Live, and learn.

As a side note, Gregory replaced half of the hardware on my pack at Trail
Days, some companies still do a great job standing behind their products.

		have fun,


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there were days,
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