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Re: [at-l] Pride

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 I began hiking with a group of 4 guys about 1-1/2 yrs ago.  We met online as
 we all participated in the tag team hike of the AT in '95.  The 1st time I
 hiked with them, one or the other was always offering to help me with my
 after a break, or to set up my tent.  I didn't want them to think a female
 can't do anything on her own, so I always refused.  Then I noticed
  They were offering to help each other (and accepting help in return).  I
 realized what a dolt I was being and got my nose out of the air.  I've never
 hiked with a nicer bunch, and it greatly increased my feelings of equality
 with and admiration for males.  
 Marty >>

How nice to be reminded that despite all the influences in our society that
try to remind men and women of our differences, that remind all of us of our
differences in race, class, faiths, and language, that after all, people of
good conscience can live above the pettiness and  the quibbling and just be
good to each other!

Your post made my day! Thanks,


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