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[at-l] Pride

<<When I did the trail in 1988, an incident occured which I can't
(and don't want to) forget.  I was in Maine, crawling over some rocks in a
cold drizzle.  A couple passed me and offered me a hand to get down off the
rocks.  Being proud, and with an attitude of "please mother, I can do it
myself!", I refused their assistance.  (To be honest, I didn't need it, but
it was nice of them to offer.)  He said, "If you can't accept help, you will
have a very lonely life."    That has stayed with me -- clear and true.  >>

I began hiking with a group of 4 guys about 1-1/2 yrs ago.  We met online as
we all participated in the tag team hike of the AT in '95.  The 1st time I
hiked with them, one or the other was always offering to help me with my pack
after a break, or to set up my tent.  I didn't want them to think a female
can't do anything on her own, so I always refused.  Then I noticed something.
 They were offering to help each other (and accepting help in return).  I
realized what a dolt I was being and got my nose out of the air.  I've never
hiked with a nicer bunch, and it greatly increased my feelings of equality
with and admiration for males.  

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