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RE: [at-l] Itinerary/Safety

Jim Said:

>One more thing - guns ARE illegal in the Shenandoah.  And
>carrying one is NOT advisable.

>As for the "DMZ" - it's a myth that's been perpetrated on
>thruhikers for too many years.  The area that people were
>calling the "DMZ" last year wasn't even the same area that
>was the "DMZ" in 92.   Misinformation is a wonderful thing,
>isn't it?
>Anyway - once again I've said more than I intended, so I think
>I'll go back to work.  We'll see some of you on the 25th.

>Walk softly,

Well Jim, 
	Guns are illegal on probably most parts of the Trail, especially
concealed however, who exactly is going to come to your aid when 3
drunk rednecks are sitting in a shelter with loaded weapons?  Mr. Police
Man?  Grab your trusy cell-phone and give 'em a call, I'm sure they'll
be there toot sweet!  I don't think so.  I certainly don't believe that
guns are the answer all the time and probably not even most of the time.
Often they can actually make a bad situation worse.  Talk your way out,
leave the area, but as a last resort in life or death situations I can't
see a better solution.  I welcome comments from the group.

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